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I'd like to shout out to Joseph at Structured Settlement Quotes. I won the lotto a few years back and made the decision to sell my payments.

Initially I got in contact with a competing company and they wanted to take over half of what was left of my winnings to provide me with a lump sum, something about that just didn't sound right to me.

So I went online and found SSQ, I filled out a quote form and they got back in contact with me in about 2 hours. After gathering a few pieces of quick info I received a quote that far surpassed that of their competition.

They did me right and didn't try to get over on me like those other guys. I not only want to thank Joseph for being helpful and honest but Structured Settlement Quotes for being a great company to work with. Watch out for those scam artists that will try to take you for what you have with no hesitation...


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Nice try - see this:

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